Firstly, may I say Thank You for your interest in, and for visiting Red Images Photography. I am a Malvern (Worcs) based Photographer.

My ‘real’ name is Haydn, but I’m known generally as Taff, it’s what I answer to. I’m not 1st generation Welsh, but there is Welsh history in the family.

A few years ago now when I joined The Army Haydn wasn’t so well known as it is nowadays, and therefore proved to be somewhat difficult to remember, for some! After a short debate Taff I became, and Taff I am still. Very few have ever called me Haydn, only my Mother (Bless her) springs immediately to mind (normally when I was in trouble, I do have to admit!). In my previous life (as I’ve mentioned) I was a member of HM Forces, and in HM Forces there is an ethos of integrity, honour, respect, and a ‘get the job done’ attitude, I still completely subscribe to those values in my life and in my work today.

As you explore the site and look at the pictures you will see my work as a photographer covers everything from portraiture of people and animals, to live music and band promotion to wedding photography, right through to events and corporate images. My ethos to all of my work (inc wedding photography and unless specifically required by you) is a relaxed informal approach; I like a candid reportage style of photography, I find this brings out a more relaxed subject and therefore a ‘better feel’ to the photographs.

I do hope that my images will convey to you the passion and feeling that I put into my work, I love taking photographs. Unlike some I don’t specialise in any one particular field of photography, I am a multi disciplined photographer, I do like to think my abilities cover all of the disciplines of my art to a very high standard; I am diverse, and I am extremely competent. I like to consider that I can see an image in the making, and in that way I can help you see exactly what it is that you want, and we can then portray your vision in the form that you desire.

In essence my job is to convert your requirements into beautiful images which will fulfil your needs completely, and of which you will be extremely proud. To produce beautiful images we need to work closely together. We need to fully communicate, we need to understand each other and we need to go on a journey together to achieve that common aim!

Therefore if you like my work, my images, my style, my ethos, and what I do then please do get in touch, we can start our journey together with a chat and a cup of something warm, or a glass of something cold?

Thank you.


Note: This is a creative website and therefore there may be photographs of naked/semi naked humans shown throughout it. If you, or anyone around you finds this subject matter ‘uncomfortable’ then it is your responsibility to use the necessary discretion and/or leave the site immediately.

PS: This is not in anyway an after thought, but I would just like to say here (in a public environment) that I’ve recently (and not so recently) had some fantastic support from two people who believe in me, and perhaps still do; both have given me unparalleled support and bags of encouragement to take this forward, I really value that; you know who you are (now), Thank You.