Portraits can be categorised into either human portraits, or animals (pets) portraits. They can be formal, or they can be informal, and they are by definition unique. A classic portrait will display character, it will display life experiences, (or put another way, the characteristics and uniqueness of the subject). It’s my job to bring all of those traits/characteristics out of the subject and to make them into a truly unique image.

Prior to the shoot ideally I need to spend some time with the subject. I need to learn beforehand what makes them unique; to see, to look, and to learn all about them. The subject also needs to spend time with me for they need to feel comfortable, to get to know me, and to trust me implicitly. Only then will I see the subject clearly, and therefore produce for you, the images that you want!


Locations can be, depending on what you wish to portray, very important. Portraits can be taken almost anywhere, be that internally, in a studio environment, or externally in either a rural or urban environment. If you have a preconceived idea of a location fabulous, if not we can chat it all through, and together find the ideal spot for your portrait.

If you have any special thoughts, desires, or themes (no matter how strange you think they are!) then these can be accommodated. Once we have talked them through, then we both understand the requirements; as the saying goes, its good to talk! Getting everything out into the open will give you (or the subject matter) the opportunity to focus on simply being you. You being you will allow me to capture ‘that’ perfect image.

So for ‘that’ portrait drop me a message, or call me to discuss your requirements.