Your Wedding Day – Your Wedding Day is exactly that, your day! Whatever you desire will be yours. I like to photograph your Wedding Day in a very relaxed and informal manner, capturing those moments, faces, expressions, and touches that you won’t probably see. Think passion, think romance, think joy, think celebration. Put those into a mixing pot and you’ll get to see the emotions that I see when I photograph you and those around you. I like to work anonymously in the background, capturing a ‘journal’ of your day, letting you see afterwards what you (hopefully) didn’t see on the day. I’m not a big one for formal shots so I try not to take many. People don’t act in a normal manner in those staged environments and situations!

On your Wedding Day beautiful pictures will tell the story of your day, bringing back memories you’ll treasure forever, along with the sights that you missed. I like to be as unobtrusive as possible, blending in, it helps to foster a relaxed atmosphere. I do like to try to encourage couples to have an engagement shoot, it helps you and I to connect and to create that much needed rapport. Future brides/grooms drop me an email and we can discuss how I can capture what is probably the most important day of your life, so far!

If you have any special requirements then these can generally be accommodated once known and we have talked them through.